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Benedict Nkeonye

Benedict Nkeonye

Front-end Developer

Hi there! I am a Front-end and Mobile app developer currently learning to be a Full Stack Developer. I love developing applications that help people get better and eventually put smiles on their faces. I am currently working on a solution that allows easy access to micro-credit for its users and also another solution that hopefully would one day revolutionise the awards industry, starting with music.


The City Search App

A JavaScript-powered app that produces a list of Nigerian cities or capitals & population matching the letters entered by the user.

The MusicVoter App

A simple Angular + Bootstrap + Firebase app that allows users to cast votes for their preferred songs and artistes.

Practice Landing Page

A simple webpage intended to be a practice for landing pages for businesses. HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.

The Voicenator

An app that allows users enter text and have a voice read back the text to them. (JavaScript30 Practice Challenge).

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You can also reach me through my email, . See other stuff I've created on my github.